Action creates change and by making a commitment to Ubuntu Activities, individuals and communities benefit by creating a better place to live. Ubuntu Ambassadors care about people and the community they live in. By creating and actively practicing acts of humanity to others, an individual, group, or class can become
Ubuntu Ambassadors.

Examples of Ubuntu Activities:
Read a book about a different culture
Eat food from a different culture
Dance to music from a different culture
Visit a cultural museum
Learn a greeting in a different language
Create a collage of photos from various cultures
Any act of Humanity to others is a Ubuntu Activity (BE CREATIVE)

Once eligible, Ubuntu Ambassadors are recognized as a part of Ubuntu Village and receive a certificate, a free t-shirt and their name posted on the Ubuntu Village Website!

Encourage the youth and adults in your life to become a UBUNTU AMBASSADOR!

Click Here to download the Ubuntu Ambassador Pledge.

Contact Us for additional information regarding becoming an Ambassador for Ubuntu Village.