Ubuntu Village kindly gives thanks to all those who have donated to our efforts in any and all capacities. We appreciate every dollar, every kind word, and every act of service.

We especially want to acknowledge the following donors:

$500.00 (Cash & In Kind)
Ethel Tarpley
Alonzo Chambliss
Frederick Marsh
Ariel Blondett Jr.
The Sanford Family
Joseph & Carol Mickens

$100.00 (Cash & In Kind)
Claire & Richard Roach
Mr. & Mrs. Juntilla
Preston Bryant
Cultural Foundation for Children, Inc.
Kweku Ankoma-Sey
Mona Cherie
Frank Guy
Susanne Horn & Monica
In memory of Mom/Grandma Jo (Josephine Abbott Mickens)

If you would like to make a donation, click here